Maggie Anton utilizes the characters’ authentic voices to address social justice while still entertaining the reader with an engaging romance..

Jackie Ben-Efraim, Special Collections Librarian, American Jewish University

Maggie Anton’s new book, The Choice takes us into the Jewish world of love and learning and the love of learning. One can only be grateful for such an intriguing and engaging work. Her combination of history, imagination and feminist reading of classical Jewish texts is impressive.

Rabbi Laura Geller, Rabbi Emerita of Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills,
co-author with Richard Siegel of Getting Good at Getting Older

Maggie Anton gives evocative voice to the generation of our mothers whose questions and bold solutions, especially about the most intimate of subjects, laid the foundation for the contemporary transformation of women’s status in Jewish learning and law.

Rabbi Susan Grossman, Senior Rabbi, Beth Shalom Congregation, Columbia, Maryland;
co-editor of Daughters of the King: Women and the Synagogue

Maggie Anton’s new novel embeds issues concerning the intersection of modernity, belief, and ritual practices within a lively, intellectually engaging romance. Best of all, the romantic relationship of Hannah and Nathan evolves in sync with their scintillating discussions of various Talmudic passages, both from traditional and critical perspectives, leaving us wondering just how much more enriched Jewish life would be today had women been participants in the Talmudic dialectic all along.

Stuart S. Miller, Professor of Hebrew History and Judaic Studies, University of Connecticut at Storrs;
author of At the Intersection of Texts and Material Finds: Stepped Pools, Stone Vessels, and Ritual Purity Among the Jews of Roman Galilee